Drawer – Composite Product Demo

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3D configurator made with WooCommerce + Composite Products


This demo shows how to create powerful 3D configurators by using WooCommerce along with the Composite Products plug-in. With Verge3D Puzzles, you can easily obtain the information about the currently selected products (or their variations) and update your 3D scene accordingly.

Perhaps it’s the most easy-to-use and straightforward way to create full-featured 3D customizers for the web, especially if you don’t mind to spend additional $119 for the WooCommerce Composite Products extension.

Here is the list of the software you might need:

  1. Blender, 3ds Max, or Maya (the first one is free)
  2. Verge3D (starting from $290, free trial available)
  3. WordPress + WooCommerce (free)
  4. WooCommerce Composite Products ($119)

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